Value Added Packages
Dengue Package

Includes Dengue Antigen & Antibodies, CBC and Liver Profile and Ferritin

Acute Hepatitis Profile

Includes HAV-IgM, HBsAg, Anti HBc IgM, Anti HCV, Anti HEV-IgM

Stomach / Intestinal Cancer Markers

Includes CEA, CA 19.9, and CA 72.4. These markers are used for monitoring and not diagnosis.

Hepatic Tumor Markers

Tumor markers commonly elevated in hepatic malignancies

Facial Hair Profile for Women

Analysis of ovarian hormones, as well as steroid hormones

Hyperparathyroidism Evaluation Profile

Evaluation of calcium hemostasis, includes serum and urine calcium, vitamin d, parathyroid hormone and minerals

Colon and Rectal Cancer Markers

Large Intestine Tumor Markers

Lipid Profile With Apolipoproteins

Includes Basic Lipid Profile with Apo A1,B

Breast Cancer Monitoring Package

Indicated for monitoring of breast cancer. These parameters are not to be used for diagnosis.

Hormonal Panel for Men

Includes steroid hormones

Heart Infarct Markers

Includes markers commonly elevated 24-48 hours after infarct

Autoimmune Hepatic Panel

Includes Anti Mitochondrial Antibodies, Antibodies against Liver KIdney Antigen and Soluble Liver Antigen

Pituitary Hormones Profile

Only Anterior Pituitary Hormones are Included

Male Androgens Package

Includes male steroid hormones

HIV Counts and Viral Load Monitoring Profile

Monitoring of Lymphocyte Counts and Viral Load. This Package helps to monitor the course of HIV treatment and immune status of the patient.

Hormonal Panel for Women

Includes Ovarian Hormones, Steroid Hormones and Thyroid Screen

Female Hormonal Package - Start of Cycle

Assess female ovarian hormones, and basic thyroid screening

Liver autoimmune profile with ANA

Autoimmune parameters of liver with ANA

Women's Health Package

Comprehensive Check for Women's Health