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Value Added Packages

Yearly Check Up Package

Includes Kidney, Thyroid, Lipid, Liver, Sugar, CBC and Vitamin Assessment. Ideal for annual check up.

Preoperative Tests

Package for patients undergoing surgeries. Includes HIV, HBSAg, sugar, urine, CBC and ESR

Senior Citizen Package

Lifestyle disease screening for people above 60

PCOD Profile

Assessment of glycemic control, lipid profile, and ovarian and pituitary hormones for a comprehensive PCOD workup.

Senior Citizen Lite

Pocket Friendly Annual CheckUp Package for Senior Citizens

Women's Health Package Lite

Covers hormones, sugar, cholesterol, iron and other analytes

Dengue Package

Includes Dengue Antigen & Antibodies, CBC and Liver Profile and Ferritin

Women's Health Package

Comprehensive Check for Women's Health

Thalassemia / Hemoglobinopathy detection package

Hemoglobin electrophoresis together with iron indices and CBC to estimate possibliity of Hemoglobinopathy

High Blood Pressure Profile

Assesment of kidney function, electrolytes and CBC with Urine routine

Heart Attack Risk Assessment

Includes advanced cholesterol and lipid fractions, homocyteine and other markers associated with increased risk of heart attacks. This profile is intended to highlight individuals witha a heightened risk fo having a heart attack. It is not meant for diagnosis of heart attacks.

Typhoid Assessment Profile

Includes Widal, Typhifast and routine tests.

Young Adults Male Checkup Annual

Annual Checkup for Young Male/Adoloscent/Teenagers.

Menopause Profile for Women Above 50

Hormonal status and bone health assessment

Wilson's disease panel (CBC, Ceruloplasmin, Serum Copper, 24hr Urinary Copper, Serum Proteins, SGOT, SGPT, Bilirubin - total and direct)

Evaluates liver function and copper metabolism. Urinary copper is typically increased and ceruplasmin are normal or below normal in cases of Wilson's Disease

Stomach / Intestinal Cancer Markers

Includes CEA, CA 19.9, and CA 72.4. These markers are used for monitoring and not diagnosis.