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Malaria Test

Determination of Malarial Antigen

Platelet Rich Plasma

In this test, your blood sample is collected. After that it is spun at a very high speed, and the part of the blood that contains platelets is seperated.

Stool Sugar or Glucose

This test checks whether sugars are present in your stool sample. Normally free sugar should not be present in your stools. Presence of sugar is a sign of intestinal or other diseases.

pH of Stool

ph of stool sample

Blood in Stools

This test checks for the presence of small quantities of blood in your stools

Clotting Time

Clotting time is a simple test that helps to know if your blood is clotting within the normal time range.

Bleeding Time

Bleeding time measures how long it takes for the bleeding to stop from a routine small cut in the skin


This test measures the inorganic phosphates in the blood, which are a small proportion of the total body phoshphorous.


This test measures the levels of magnesium in your blood.

Gram Stain

Gram's Staining to detect gram-positive and negative bacteria

PT,INR,APTT - Coagulation Profile

Coagulation profile comprising of PT , INR AND APTT

Liver Function Tests

Comprehensive Liver Profile

Tuberculin Skin Test

Tuberculin Skin Test is a test done to check your body's immunity against Tuberculosis. The test is not confirmatory for tuberculosis, but only helps to aid in the final diagnosis

Rapid Dengue Test

Most commonly advised : Dengue NS1 Antigen and Antibodies(IgG + IgM)

Hepatitis B Antigen

This test detects the presence of the Hepatitis B Virus in your blood

HIV Test

HIV p24 Antigen + Antibody detection in your blood

VDRL(Syphilis) Test

VDRL is a blood test that determines if you are infected with Syphilis. The test can give false positive or false negative results is not confirmatory for syphilis diagnosis. Other tests need to be done for confirmation of the diagnosis.

Serum Albumin

Determination of Serum Serum Albumin level

Serum Total Protein

Determination of Serum Serum Total Protein level

Serum Uric Acid

Determination of Serum Uric Acid level

GGT Liver Enzyme Test

Determination of Serum Gamma Glutamyl Transferrase level

ALT/SGPT Liver Test

Determination of Serum Alanine Trasaminase level

AST/SGOT Liver Test

Determination of Serum Aspartate Transaminase level