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Urine Routine Test

Basic Urine Test, includes chemistry, and microscopic analysis, inclusive of pH

Kidney Profile

Renal Profile, includes Serum Urea, Serum Creatinine with eGFR, Blood Urea Nitrogen.

Liver Function Tests

Comprehensive Liver Profile

PT,INR,APTT - Coagulation Profile

Coagulation profile comprising of PT , INR AND APTT

Semen Test

Semen Analysis (Chemical, Physical and Microscopic)

Stool Routine Test

Examination of a stool sample to detect the presence of bacteria, parasites, and other abnormalities.

Conjunctival Smear Cytology

A laboratory test to examine the cells present in a sample of conjunctival fluid, to detect any abnormalities.

CBC Hemogram Differential DLC

Comprehensive lab analysis of blood cells to assess health and detect abnormalities.

Hospital Surface Infection Control - 8 swabs

Testing surfaces in hospital for presence of infectious agents to ensure proper infection control.

Hospital Surface Infection Control - 2 swabs

Detects presence of bacteria on hospital surfaces to ensure proper infection control.

Hospital Surface Infection Control - 4 swabs, growth and location

Test to detect bacteria on hospital surfaces, including 4 swabs to identify growth, location and potential infections.

HIV Test

HIV p24 Antigen + Antibody detection in your blood

Hepatitis B Antigen

This test detects the presence of the Hepatitis B Virus in your blood

Random Blood Sugar

Determination of Plasma Glucose level(Random)

Fasting Blood Sugar

A laboratory test for measuring the amount of glucose in a persons blood after fasting.


The test result in % corresponds roughly with the average blood sugar level over the last 90 days.

Blood Sugar - After Meal

A lab test to measure the amount of glucose in the blood 2 hours after eating a meal.

Basic Thyroid Profile (T4,T4,TSH)

This test measures the levels of various thyroid hormones in your blood. This includes T3(Tri-iodo-thyronine), T4(Thyroxine) and TSH(Thyroid Stimulating Hormone)

Lipid Profile Basic

Includes Cholesterol, HDL, VLDL, LDL, Triglycerides. Ideal for basic assement of cholesterol status.

Rapid Dengue Test - Result within 45 minutes

Most commonly advised : Dengue NS1 Antigen and Antibodies(IgG + IgM)

Sodium,Potassium and Chloride levels

Lab test to measure levels of essential salts and minerals in the body, such as sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonate.

TORCH 8(IgG and IgM) parameters

Most commonly advised, Includes IgG and IgM for Toxoplasma, CMV, Rubella, HSV-2

Malaria Test

Determination of Malarial Antigen

Serum Uric Acid

Determination of Serum Uric Acid level