Pathofast is a diagnostic laboratory located in Pune,Camp.

Founded in 2017, we offer world-class diagnostics services, with full automation under one roof.

Our services include Hematology, Biochemistry, Immunoassay, routine clinical pathology and allied diagnostic services.
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We have a trained team of qualified laboratory techincians and post-graduate pathologists with personalized attention to every sample.

Patient Information Guides

Our Patient Guides cover a variety of topics, like diabetes, thyroid, pregnancy and scores of others. We answer common questions related to lab tests through our patient guides.

Increased consumption of proteins, iron, folates and other micronutrients is essential during pregnancy.

Free beta-Hcg(Human chorionic gonadotrophin) and PAPP-A(pregnancy associated plasma protein A), together with USG and testing for diabetes are the recommended tests in the first three months of pregnancy.

Increased weight, feeling sleepy, anxiety and panic attacks, sweating, dry skin are some of the common signs of a thyroid problem

Yes, an ECG can show enough evidence of a heart attack

PCOD Is short for Polycystic Ovarian Disease. Women with this disorder often experience obesity, weight gain, infertility , irregular cycles.

Ionized calcium gives you a true estimate of the actual USEFUL amount of calcium in your blood.

Vitamin D can be increased by eating eggs or fish, getting enough sunlight or taking vitamin supplements

Ferritin is the most reliable marker for iron in the blood. This is because it reflects the iron stores in the body. If the ferritin is low, there is definitely a requirement for iron.

Low Iron in the blood is most commonly caused by worms, menstrual bleeding in women, and some kinds of genetic disorders.