Is my kidney being affected due to my Diabetes?

Your kidneys can be irreversibly damaged due to high blood sugar. It is very important to carefully monitor kidney damage, and this can be done by a simple urine test.
How can a urine test help diagnose kidney damage?

Excess amounts of proteins in your urine, indicate that the kidneys are being damaged by diabetes. Normally there is almost no protein in your urine.

This test is done preferably on your early morning urine sample. It measures how much protien is there in your urine. A value above 30, is considered to indicate early signs of kidney damage. If the value is above 300, the damage is excessive and may need immediate medical attention
Is the kidney damage reversible?

Kidney damage due to Diabetes is reversible if the value of the urine microalbumin test is less than 300. Above 300 damage may not be reversible.

Symptoms of damage are many and include raised blood pressure, abnormalities of electrolyte levels, feeling exhausted, swelling over the body etc.
What other organs can be damaged?

If your kidney is showing signs of damage due to diabetes, you also need to get your eyes(retina) checked. Diabetes that has affected the kidneys also affects the eyes, and it is essential to get yourself tested with an eye doctor.

Diabetic Retinopathy is a disease of the small blood vessels in the back of your eye also known as your retina.
Diabetic Retinopathy can lead to permanent visual loss or even blindness if not treated on time.

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