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Pathofast is a Diagnostic Laboratory Located in Pune, Camp. Book Online for free home visit. Lab timings are Monday-Saturday, 8am to 6pm.

For Patients

Value Added Packages, Patient Guides and Detailed Test Information about all tests done in our lab.

Value packages for senior citizens, diabetics, and various age groups. Choose from over 30+ packages.

We try to cut the clutter around common conditions and illnesses.Read and learn from 30+ patient guides for pregnancy, thyroid, heart diseases, diabetes, allergies

Authentic information about every single test that is performed at our lab, including when and why you should get tested.

Medically relevant information about 200 most common tests for the ordinary citizen.

Take a Quick Self Test. Get an instant diagnosis and next steps.

Watch our animated videos to diagnose yourself at home. No blood test needed!

Browse our directory of over a 100 symptoms to find the right test!

For Doctors, Pharmacies and Labs

Pathofast is proud to have built 3 block-buster software products for doctors and pharmacies and laboratories. We look forward to your association!

The fastest and easiest way to write prescriptions. Stored forever in the cloud and delivered by SMS to your patient. Start now! Its Free.

Connect your customers with labs using our QR code technology. Start earning from day one with ZERO investment! Get your QR stand now! Its free!