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Pathofast Pune Doctors & Careers

Dr.Bhargav Raut (MBBS, DCP - Pathology)

Dr.Bhargav Raut is our chief pathologist and medical director. He oversees Clinical Pathology , Biochemistry, Serology and Routine microbiology reporting.

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Dr.Nikunj Das (MBBS, MD - Microbiology)

Dr.Nikunj Das is a visiting microbiologist who oversees microbiology cultures and sensitivity testing.


We have a team of 4 full time qualified lab technicians, with a combined experience of 12 years

Home Visit Phlebotomists

We have a fleet of 4 full time home visit phlebotomists who visit all parts of pune for sample collection.

Apply for a Job

Send your resume to For lab technicians, we require a minimum of 2 years or experience and a minimum of 1000 blood sample collections. For home visit phlebotomists, we require a minimum experience of 5000 blood sample collections.

Apply as a Trainee

Send your resume to Those who do not meet the requirements for a full time job, may still apply as trainees, and will be inducted into different activities based on a step by step plan.