Why is my blood Iron Low?

Low Iron in the blood is most commonly caused by worms, menstrual bleeding in women, and some kinds of genetic disorders.
Can worms cause low iron?

Worms in the gut (large intestine and/or small intestine) can lead to reduction in your iron levels. This is because the worms constantly use nutrients from your own blood, and as a result lower levels of vital nutrients

A simple stool test can reveal the presence of worms in large quantities
Bleeding during periods

Heavy bleeding during periods can lower blood iron levels, this is one of the most common causes.

A simple Hemoglobin level can determine if you have lost a lot of blood
Consult a gynecologist if you are bleeding frequently or irregularly as this may be the beginning of another disease.
Genetic Disorders like thalessemia

Thalessemia which is a disease caused by a defective hemoglobin, may lead to deficiencies in iron levels. It can also cause iron overload if the patient has taken a lot of blood transfusions.

An iron profile comprising of Iron, Total Iron Binding Capacity and Serum Ferritin can help determine if you are suffering from acute iron deficiency.
If you feel you are suffering from thalessemia you need to get your hemoglobin tested for the same.

Certain medicines, like common over the counter antacids can cause iron deficiency by preventing the proper absorption of iron from your gut. You need to watch your intake of these substances.

Dietary Deficiency

Low amounts of Green Leafy Vegetables can cause a severe iron deficiency and this may the most common cause of this disease.

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