What foods should I eat during pregnancy?

Increased consumption of proteins, iron, folates and other micronutrients is essential during pregnancy.

You need nearly 2x or twice the amount of iron during pregnancy. Rich sources of iron include beetroot, spinach and other green leafy vegetables.

Iron requirement during pregnancy increases from 18mg/day to nearly 27 mg/day.

Folate is a type of vitamin, and its requirement increases by 30% during pregnancy.

You need around 600mg/day (a 30% increase compared to 400mg/day during non-pregnant state)
Vitamin D

You need nearly 300% more vitamin D during pregnancy!

You need 15mg/day during pregnancy(compared to just 5mg/day)
Protein Requirements

Protein requirement increase by around 20% during pregnancy.

You should consume around 60gm/day of proteins, as against 40-45gm/day before.
What about fat?

You DO NOT need to add more fat to your diet during pregnancy

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