Role of testosterone in PCOD. Do I have too much testosterone?

Excess of androgens like testosterone are known to cause PCOD, as well as other signs like facial hair in women.
The root cause is not testosterone...

The main hormone that cause increased testosterone in PCOS is actually GNRH, or gonadotrophin releasing hormone.

GnRH is released from a gland in your brain called the Hypothalamus. This gland stimulates your ovaries to make more androgens like Testosterone
This hormone acts as a middle man between the GnRh and your ovaries. The more the GnRh the more LH, and subsequently the more testosterone your ovaries make.
What other diseases can mimic PCOD? How should I get tested?

Many other normal conditions and diseases have features in common with PCOD. We list a few of them here

It may seem surprising, but just like PCOD, pregnancy also causes you to miss your cycle. Getting tested is easy with a simple urine test, or a blood test called Beta-HCG.
Low thyroid hormone levels can also cause you to miss your cycle. Getting tested for Thyroid is easy, via a simple test called TSH levels.
A small tumor or growth in your brain can lead to exessive Prolactin, which may cause you to miss your cycles. This can be tested by doing a simple MRI of the brain or a blood test to measure your Prolactin level.
Could my testosterone be raised, wihtout it being PCOD?

Yes there are conditions where testosterone levels may be elevated even without it being PCOD. These are usually more serious and need to be urgenly evaluated.

Cancer of the ovaries can also show a large or increased value of Total Testosterone.
The adrenal glands are small glands located above your kidneys and a tumor in these glands may also cause your Testosterone levels to rise.

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