Why are my feet swollen?

Swelling of the feet, above 50 years of age is most commonly due to deep vein thrombosis, liver or kidney diseases. In pregnancy it may be a normal finding under some circumstances.
Liver Problems

Chronic alcohol intake can cause cirrhosis of the liver and lead to swelling over different parts of the body including the feet. The best way to get this diagnosed is with a liver function test (blood test). ULtrasonography of the liver may also help.

Elevated liver enzymes are an important clue to diagnose liver problems as the root cause of swelling in the body. The liver enzymes most commonly raised in liver cirrhosis are ALT and AST.
Vein Disorders

Deep Vein Thrombosis may be the cause of your swollen feet, if it is only on one side. Deep Vein thromboisis affects people in occupations that involve standing for long hours. It may also be seen secondary to other disorders.

Insect Bites and Allergies

Often allergies or insect bites are first noted on the feet, and can cause significant swelling.

Allergies to various environmental substances like pollens, dust as well as certain clothing and foods can cause significant swelling. IgE (Serum Immunoglobulin E level) can be done to determine whether allergy is the cause of your swelling.
Severe swelling may be seen following bite by insect or scratch by a certain plant thorn
Medicine Induced Reaction

Your body may be reacting to a certain drug or medicine. At times these reactions can be very severe and the medicine may have to be stopped immediately.

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