How to increase Vitamin D

Vitamin D can be increased by eating eggs or fish, getting enough sunlight or taking vitamin supplements
Does sunlight contain VItamin D?

Sunlight does not contain vitamin D. Your body already has vitamin D in a different chemical form. But sunlight is needed to activate this into active or useful Vitamin D.

A simple blood test can tell you if your deficient.
Calcium levels can also be measured and if your blood calcium is low, it may imply a vitamin D deficiency.
Why is my Vitamin D low even after eating the right foods?

Vitamin D levels are controlled by a hormone in your body called "Parathyroid Hormone". Your kidney is also involved in the manufacture of VItamin D. Disorders of both may affect your Vitamin D levels.

If your kidney is not working correctly, you may have a low VItamin D level. Consider a Renal Function Test to check your kidney helath.
Parathyroid hormone deficiency can lead to low Vitamin D levels. You can get a blood test to measure your Parathyroid levels.
If I take vitamin D supplements, do i still need sunlight?

While it is always good to get some sunlight, vitamin D supplments do not need further activation by sunlight and can act directly as long as your kidney and liver are working correctly

1,25 or 24,25 dihydroxy Vitamin D? Which one is the right one?

1,25 dihydroxy VItamin D is the active form of Vitamin D also know as calcitriol is the active form of Vitamin D. All other forms are inactive.

What are the signs of VItamin D deficiency?

Low ionized calcium levels, easy fractures on falls, painful bones are some of the signs of Vitamin D deficiency

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