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E-Prescribe is the fastest and easiest way to write a prescription for your patients.

Simple,Fast,Safe and Cloud Storage for all your prescriptions!

3 simple steps!

1. Enter Patient Mobile Number
2. Choose Tests and Medicines, press Send
3. Patient gets prescription by SMS

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Frequently Asked Questions!

E-Prescribe is free upto 100 patients a day, and automatically integrates with Pathofast Diagnostic Laboratory to easily provide you with lab test reports.
What are the charges?
E-Prescribe is offerred free of charge for the first 100 prescriptions/day
Can more than one doctor use it from a given hospital?
E-Prescribe automatically integrates all the doctors from your clinic into one organization. It can be used by an unlimited number of doctors from your clinic/hospital
What about signature and RMP number?
You need to provide your E-signature and RMP number during the sign-up process and this is automatically added to your prescription.
For how many years is the prescription stored?
1 year
Which lab is notified about the prescription?
E-Prescribe is an initiative by Pathofast Diagnostic Laboratory, Pune, Camp. Pathofast is automatically informed when a patient is prescribed any lab test. The lab is not informed if the prescription only includes medicine names.
Does the lab offer interpretation charges?
Any doctor who signs up with E-Prescribe is automatically empanelled on our board of doctors and is paid co-care interpretation charges per prescription.