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A semen test checks the sperm count and sperm health in your semen sample.

Semen Test cost in Pune is Rs.1800 at Pathofast Lab.The report includes 21 tests.Semen Test is also called Sperm Test, Semen Analysis Test or Male Fertility Test

Semen Test should be done by men who are experiencing infertility issues.Doctors commonly advise this test in couples who are considering IVF or unable to conceive naturally.

Book the Semen Test online in Pune with Pathofast Lab, with home sample collection near you.

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Semen Test in Pune: Price, Symptoms, Normal Range

What is a Semen Test(Sperm Count Test)?

A semen test(sperm count test) is a test of the ejaculate that tells you your sperm count and 20 other paramters related to male fertility. What is a Semen Test(Sperm Count Test)?

What information does Semen Test give you?

A semen test is a test of the sperms, that tells you if your sperm count is normal and whether your sperms show normal movement or motility


It also tells you how many of the sperms are alive(vitality) and whether the sperm shape and size is normal

The test also tells if the semen fluid has the right chemical composition to have normal fertilization

Information for Patients About Semen Test

  • What is the cost of the Semen Test in Pune?

    Semen Test price in Pune is Rs.1800

  • What type of samle is required for Semen Test

    Semen Test needs a semen Sample

  • How much time does Semen Test report take?

    Semen Test takes upto 1 days

  • What is the normal range for Semen Test?

    The normal range for Semen Test is

  • Is home semen Sample collection available for Semen Test in Pune?

    Yes, home semen Sample is available for Semen Test in Pune with Pathofast Lab.

  • Can I see a sample report of Semen Test?

Key facts about Semen Test in Pune

Purpose of testEvaluate male fertility health.
Intended forMen (Age 18-60)
Commonly done forAssess male fertility issues
Fasting RequiredNo
Total Tests21
Doctor's Prescription RequiredNo
Reports Available ByPDF available through Watsapp,Email and Hardcopy(on request)
Other NamesSperm Count Test, Semen Analysis Test, Male Fertility Test, Sperm Test

How is the Semen Test done?

The semen test(sperm test) involves collecting a semen sample, typically through masturbation.

To do this test you need to masturbate into a sterile container, and the fluid is then tested in the lab. The test is completely painless.

How is the Semen Test done?

How to prepare for the Semen Test

  • For 2-5 days before test - Avoid Ejaculation: Refrain from ejaculation for 2 to 5 days before the test to ensure an adequate semen volume. This means avoiding any sexual activity, as well as masturbation.
  • Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine and Smoking: Limit or avoid the intake of alcohol and caffeine as well as cigarette smoking for a few days before the test as they can affect sperm quality.
  • Stay Well Hydrated: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, which helps in producing a good semen sample.
  • Avoid hormonal therapies:If you are on hormonal supplements, try to avoid these for a week before providing the sample.

How to collect the sample for Semen Test?

  • Contact the lab and request a sample container: Semen test is only available for home collection. Book a home sample collection by calling the lab or booking online. A technician will visit you with a sterile container
  • Label sample container:Once you receive the sample container, write your name on it, as well as the time of giving the sample
  • Clean your external genitalia: Clean your external genitalia, penis tip and genital area with a moist cloth or tissue paper. Make sure not to use soaps or creams or lotions of any kind.
  • Ejaculate into the container: Ejaculate into the container. Make sure not to add water, detergent or any other substance into it. Do not try to increase the volume or amount of the sample with water, as it will affect your results, causing an artificially lower sperm count.
  • Hand over the container to the technician: The lab technician who delivers the container to your home, will wait for you to provide the sample.

How to book an appointment for Semen Test in Pune at Pathofast Lab?

  • Call the lab: Call the lab on our mobile number : 8956690418, or our landline 02049304930, and ask the reception to book an appointment for you.
  • Book on Watsapp: Click here to book the Semen Test through watsapp using our simple and friendly chatbot.
  • Book Online: Click here to book the Semen Test online, with instant confirmation.

Finding a lab for Semen Test in Pune, near you

Pathofast Lab in Pune,Camp is centrally located and offers home sample collection services in all parts of Pune City for Semen Test.

If you are looking for a semen analysis lab near you or a sperm count test near you then Pathofast Lab in Pune guarentees fast reports and accurate testing

  • In which areas of Pune can I book Semen Test at home?

    You can get the Semen Test with home sample collection at any of our service areas locations, including

    • Jangli Maharaj Nagar
    • Ravet
    • Viman Nagar
    • Shastrinagar, Yerawada
    • NIBM Undri Road, Kondhwa
    • Camp
    • Aundh
    • Baner
    • Dattwadi
    • Undri
    • Pimpri-Chinchwad
    • Kalyani Nagar
    • Koregaon Park
    • Sadashiv Peth
    with home sample collection. You need to book an appointment for home sample collection.

  • How to find the nearest center for Semen Test(Sperm Test) in Pune?

    You can visit one of our centers. You can walk in at any time to our centers for the Semen Analysis Test, without the need to book an appointment.

Semen Test Cost in Pune | Sperm Count Test Cost in Pune

Semen Test price varies in different areas of Pune, depending on the distance of the location from our lab center. Semen analysis test price starts at Rs.1800 .Sample collection cost may be free or upto Rs.200 depending on the area of Pune

Semen Test cost in Pune is between Rs.1800 (Camp) to Rs.2000 (Ravet)

Select the nearest location from the dropdown, to estimate the total cost of Semen Test for your area in Pune.

Semen Test(Sperm Count Test/Male Fertility Test) Cost in Pune

Who should do the Semen Test? - Symptoms and Eligibility Criteria

The semen test is intended for men experiencing fertility issues.

Who should do the Semen Test? - Symptoms and Eligibility Criteria

List of symptoms that may mean you need a Semen Test?

  • You notice very little ejaculate during intercourse or masturbation:If you notice a low amount of ejaculate, it may be a sign of obstruction or other disorders. This is a sign that you should get tested.
  • Pain in testicles:Pain or dull ache in the testicles, after ruling out other causes, may mean you should get this test.
  • Red, Green or blood stained semen:If you notice that your semen is of a different color than the usual gray white, you should get tested.
  • Unable to conceive:If you have been trying to conceive with your partner, without success, and have ruled out disorders in the female partner, you should get tested. Remember that almost 25% of cases of infertility are attributed to the male partner.
  • Burning Sensation After Ejaculation:: Post-ejaculation discomfort may signal infections or other problems that a semen analysis can detect.

Eligibility Criteria for Semen Test

  • Abstinence Period:: Ensure an abstinence period of 2-7 days before the test. This helps in obtaining accurate results.
  • Age over 18:Only adult men are eligible for this test.
  • No long term hormonal supplements:If you are on hormonal therapy or have been so for a long time, it may be important to consult with your andrologist before getting this test.

Self-Test Questionnaire - Ask yourself these questions to know if you need this test!

  • Have you been experiencing any pain in the testicles:
  • Have you experienced any changes in your libido (sexual desire):
  • Are you experiencing any problems with achieving or maintaining an erection:
  • Have you noticed any changes in the volume of ejaculate:
  • Are you taking any medications or supplements that could affect your semen:

What will be included in the Semen Test report?

When you undergo a semen test in Pune with Pathofast Lab, your report will contain all parameters that are required by the WHO(World Health Organization)

The report will tell your your sperm count, sperm concentration as well as other sperm parameters like percentage of live sperms, percentage of normal sperms and sperm movement indices.

What will be included in the  Semen Test report?

List of items included in the Semen Test report

  • Round Cells::Round cells include cells the fight infections, as well as other types of cells. These are normally present in the semen.
  • Red Blood Cell Count::A few red blood cells are also normal in semen.
  • Parasites::Parasites like filaria, may be seen in seminal fluid. They should not be normally present.
  • Aggregation::Sperms are sometimes clumped together in the semen. While this may be normal in small amounts, huge clumps of dead sperms are not normal.
  • Agglutination::Sometimes live sperms get trapped in other cells and debris in the semen. This prevents them from moving. These live sperms, clumped together, are called agglutinates. Upto 1-10 sperms per agglutinate are normal, but more than this is considered to be a sign of an underlying problem.
  • Sperm Concentration::The number of sperms per ml of the ejaculate - expressed in millions/ml
  • Sperm Count::The total number of sperms in the ejaculate - expresed in millions
  • Vitality - Percentage Live Forms::Not all sperms in the semen are alive. Vitality is the percentage of live sperms.
  • Progressive - Motile::A percentage of the sperms which is fast moving or shows zig-zag movement.
  • Non-Progressive - Motile::A percentage of the sperms which does not show rapid movement.
  • Total Motile::The simple sum of all moving sperms.
  • Non-Motile::The percentage of sperms that are not moving at all.
  • Normal Forms::The percentage of sperms whose shape is normal.
  • Abnormal Forms::Percentage of sperms whose shape is not normal. A normal sperm has a head, a mid-piece and a long tail. Abnormal forms show changes in these characteristics.
  • Semen Fructose:: Tests for the presence of fructose in the semen sample. Fructose is required as a source of energy for the sperms to move in the female genital tract, to the egg. If fructose is missing, the sperms will not be able to move adequately
  • Color::Semen fluid should normally be gray or white in color
  • Volume::The volume or total quantity of the semen fluid.
  • pH::Indicates the pH level of the semen sample.
  • Viscosity::Semen viscosity should normally be around 2cm. A very highly viscous sample may make it harder for the liquifaction process.
  • Liquefaction Time::The time taken for the semen sample to liquefy. Semen when initially produced has a jelly like consistency.
  • Days of Abstinence:: Records the days of abstinence before the sample was collected.

Which other tests can I do together with Semen Test?

A semen test is a type of fertility test for men. Complete fertility testing usually involves blood tests for various hormones. These include hormones like FSH, LH, Prolactin, all of which can affect sperm production

Other tests that can be considered are testosterone as well as tests for diabetes and insulin resistance

Sperm tests further include tests for anti-sperm antibodies, which are antibodies that kill sperms, and sperm DNA fragmentation test - a specialized test to detect damage to the sperm DNA

Consult your andrologist or urologist before opting in for these tests

Frequently Asked Questions about Semen Test

  • Can I give the semen sample in the lab?

    No, semen sample collection is only available for home sample pickup. Please schedule a home collection appointment for your convenience.

  • What is the male fertility test and how is it different from the semen test?

    The male fertility test and the semen test are essentially the same, often referred to by the same name. However, some labs offer more extensive panels called male fertility profiles, which include hormone and blood tests in addition to the semen analysis.

  • What is husband semen analysis (HSA) test?

    The Husband Semen Analysis (HSA) test is the same as a semen test. It evaluates the quantity and quality of a man's semen and sperm to assess fertility.

  • Is semen test same as sperm health check?

    Yes, a semen test is the same as a sperm health check. The semen test report includes all the necessary parameters for a comprehensive evaluation of sperm health.

  • What parameters related to sperm are tested in this semen test?

    The semen test evaluates various parameters related to sperm, including sperm count, concentration, motility (movement), percentage of live sperms, and sperm shape and size. These measurements help assess male fertility and diagnose potential reproductive issues.

  • Is Semen test the same as semen culture test?

    No, a semen test and a semen culture test are not the same. A semen test, or semen analysis, evaluates the health and viability of sperm in a sample, whereas a semen culture test is performed to detect the presence of bacteria or other microorganisms to diagnose infections.

  • Is this test enough to evaluate male fertility?

    While a semen test can provide valuable information about sperm count, motility, and overall semen quality, it is not a comprehensive evaluation of male fertility. A thorough male fertility assessment also involves checking hormone levels and other parameters.

  • What do I do if my sperm count is low?

    If your sperm count is low, simple lifestyle changes such as losing weight, avoiding alcohol, and quitting smoking can help improve it, provided there are no other underlying abnormalities. It's important to consult with a healthcare professional to rule out any other potential issues and to receive personalized advice.

  • In which diseases is Semen Test abnormal?

    The following diseases may be related to abnormal results in the Semen Test : Infertility, Varicocele, Prostatitis, Ejaculatory duct obstruction, Retrograde ejaculation, Hypogonadism, Testicular failure, Sexually transmitted diseases, Hormonal imbalances, Genetic disorders

  • What are some common symptoms that I may experience related to Semen Test?

  • Is doctor's consultation included in the Semen Test price?

    No, Pathofast is a diagnostic laboratory and we do not offer consultations. If you have questions about the report/results, our pathologist will definitely discuss them with you.

  • When do I have to make the payment for Semen Test?

    If you book a home sample collection, the payment must be made at the time of the booking. If you visit the lab, the payment must be made at the time of giving your sample. We do not accept samples for processing without advance payment.

  • Can I submit the Semen Test to insurance companies?

    Each report contains a QR code. The QR code if scanned by any QR code application will load our website and prove to your insurance company that the report was indeed done at our lab.

  • What modes of payment are available at your lab for Semen Test?

    You can pay by cash, card, online using Gpay, or any other UPI app.

  • What is the normal Sperm Count?

    Sperm Count Test normal range is 39 million or more.

  • What are the causes of low sperm count?

    Smoking, excessive alcohol intake, mental depression, obesity, lack of excercise, exposure to radiation can all result in a lower than normal sperm count.

  • How can I naturally increase my sperm count?

    Get adequate sleep, regular excercise, lower or control your intake of alcohol, tobacco and stop smoking. . Do not self-medicate, get medical help from a qualified medical practitioner.

  • My sperm count is normal, but as a couple we are unable to conceive, does it mean that the problem is with my partner?

    Count is not the only indicator of normalcy. A normal sperm count, with a abnormal sperm forms, or a higher percentage of dead sperms, may also lead to infertility. . If all parameters in a sperm exam are normal, your partner should get tested using ultrasound, as well as blood tests for optimal ovum production.

  • What is sperm vitality?

    Sperm vitality is a measure of the number of live sperms in the sample. A low vitality may be associated with infertility. The normal lower limit for vitality is 58% as per the WHO guidelines.

Normal Range for Semen Test

Semen Test normal range in men

Test NameNormal RangeAge
Sperm Morphology
Abnormal Forms * % >= 0 years
Normal Forms 4-100 % >= 0 years
Microscopic Examination
Agglutination 0-1 spermatozoa/agglutinate >= 0 years
Aggregation * >= 0 years
Parasites Absent >= 0 years
RBC Count in Semen * /hpf >= 0 years
Round Cells * /hpf >= 0 years
Sperm Concentration >=15 million/ml >= 0 years
Sperm Count >=39 million >= 0 years
Percentage Live Sperms >=58 % >= 0 years
Macroscopic Examination
Color Gray >= 0 years
Liquefaction Time 15-120 mins >= 0 years
Viscosity normal >= 0 years
Volume 1.5-6 ml >= 0 years
Other Findings
Days of Abstinence 2-7 days >= 0 years
Sperm Motility
Non-Motile * % >= 0 years
Non-Progressive Motile Sperms * % >= 0 years
Progressive - Motile >=32 % >= 0 years
Total Motile >=40 % >= 0 years
Chemical Examination
Semen Fructose Positive >= 0 years
pH 7.2-8.2 >= 0 years

What to do if Semen Test report is abnormal?

If your semen test report comes back abnormal, dont' panic.

First, consider making lifestyle changes such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.Consulting a fertility specialist like a urologist or andrologist can provide you with a tailored treatment plan

What to do if Semen Test report is abnormal?

List of common abnormalities in the Semen Test report

  • Low Sperm Count (Oligospermia):

    This condition indicates that the semen contains fewer sperm than what is considered normal, which can affect fertility.

  • Abnormal Sperm Morphology:

    This refers to the shape and structure of the sperm. Sperm with atypical shapes may have difficulty fertilizing an egg.

  • Reduced Sperm Motility:

    Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm to move efficiently. Poor motility can lead to challenges in reaching and fertilizing an egg.

  • High Levels of White Blood Cells (Leukocytospermia):

    An elevated white blood cell count in semen can indicate an infection or inflammation in the reproductive tract.

  • Low Semen Volume:

    This refers to producing less than the normal amount of semen during ejaculation, which can impact the number of sperm available to fertilize an egg.

Which type of doctor do I have to consult to understand my report?

If the results of your semen test are abnormal, the specialist you need to see is a urologist or a reproductive endocrinologist

A urologist specializes in the male reproductive system and urinary tract, making them well-equipped to diagnose and treat conditions affecting male fertility

Treatment and Interpretation


What are normal ranges for sperm count in adoloscents or patients aged 12-18?

Reference Ranges for adoloscents are not clinically established.Based on the following table, the sperm count and volume may be lower with decreasing age

Your doctor will have to interpret the results based on your specific case, your stage of sexual maturation(Tanner Stage) and testicular volume.
Semen Parameter Adolescents Adults
Median Age 16.5 30.8
Semen Volume (mL) 1.0 (0.5-2.0) 2.5 (1.5-3.5)
Sperm Concentration (million/mL) 30 (10-57) 39 (14-57)
Sperm Motility (%) 39 (20-55) 45 (35-55)
Total Motile Sperm Count (million) 11 (1.4-33) 29 (13-69)

Reference : Halpern JA, Thirumavalavan N, Kohn TP, Patel AS, Leong JY, Cervellione RM, Keene DJB, Ibrahim E, Brackett NL, Lamb DJ, Ramasamy R

Distribution of Semen Parameters Among Adolescent Males Undergoing Fertility Preservation in a Multicenter International Cohort.Urology

2019 May;127:119-123.doi: 10.1016/j.urology.2019.01.027

Epub 2019 Feb 13.PMID: 30771377; PMCID: PMC6475495.

What does it mean if semen fructose is negative?

Semen Fructose Test : Seliwanoff Method - compare positive and negative result, fructose is absent in ejaculatory duct abnormalities (Image released in public domain)

Semen Fructose Test

The semen fructose test checks for the presence of fructose in the seminal fluid.Fructose is normally present in the semen, as it is secreted by the seminal vesicles

The absence of fructose indicates ejaculatory duct obstruction or other pathology.

THe test is performed using the Seliwanoff reagent, wherein semen is mixed with the reagent and then heated.
If fructose is present the solution turns pink, as seen in the image to the right.In its absence the solution does not change color

This image is released sans copyright in the public domain for the purpose of education by Pathofast Lab Pune (CC-0)

Patient Reviews

Pathofast Lab Pune has experience in the Semen Test providing accuracy, reliability, and quick turnaround times for reports.

Here is what patients are saying about our services

  • Highly Hygienic(5/5)

    Clean facility and quick semen test reports in Kothrud.- Amit K.

  • Fast and Accurate(5/5)

    Received semen test results promptly in Hadapsar, very reliable.- Rohan S.

  • Top-Quality Service(5/5)

    Excellent semen test services in Baner, hygienic and accurate.- Vikas M.

  • Professional Staff(5/5)

    Courteous staff and speedy semen test reports in Wakad.- Sanjay T.

  • Impressive Efficiency(5/5)

    Timely semen test results and clean lab in Kharadi.- Prateek J.

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