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Quickly check your thyroid for abnormalities

The thyroid gland sits just below your adam's apple. A small change in its appearance can be easily detected with this simple one minute test.

Neck Swelling

A swelling in the region of your neck could be the beginning of a thyroid nodule.

Thyroid nodules are often benign, and not a cause for worry, but accompanied with other symptoms like weight loss, gain, or pain need to be investigated.
What does the video show?

The video demonstrates a way to check your own thyroid gland at home

Sit in front of a mirror, and get a glass of water. Raise your neck upwards so that you can clearly see the area of the throat. Drink a sip of water and note how the adam's apple moves up and down. A swelling on either side may need attention from a doctor.
Which tests can I do to check my thyroid gland?

A simple thyroid profile is a blood test which measures the three thyroid hormones in your blood.

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