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Why Am I Loosing My balance?

Feeling unstable? Loose your balance often? This 1-minute video demonstrates how to easily detect a Vitamin-B12 deficiency.

Causes of Sudden Loss of Balance

Loss of Balance is a disturbing and potentially dangerous disorder

1. Vitamin B12 deficiency 2. Alcohol 3. Stroke 4. Parkinsonism 5. Cerebellar Diseases
What can I do if I am diagnosed with poor balance

Cognitive therapy can improve almost any balance disorder

Check out the following link for simple home excercises to improve your balance :
What does the video show?

The video shows you a way to check for yourself at home, if you have a B12 deficiency.

Stand in the corner of a room, such that you can easily reach for support if you fall. Close both eyes, you will feel slightly off balance. If the balance is very severe or you feel like you may fall down, it is a sign of B12 deficiency.
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