Can my ECG tell me if I am having a heart attack?

Can my ECG tell me if I am having a heart attack?

Yes, an ECG can show enough evidence of a heart attack

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What is an ECG

What is an ECG

ECG measures the electrical activity in your heart.


If you are experiencing chest discomfort, don't hesitate to go for an ECG. It is totally painless and the best first line investigation.

What can ECG show?

What can ECG show?

If you are having a "heart attack" your ECG will show changes like ST-elevation. It may also show many other changes that can preceed a heart attack


Troponins are proteins that enter the blood when there is a heart attack. These can be measured by a blood test

What else can ECG show?

ECG can diagnose hundreds of different heart abnormalities, like arrhythmias, heart conduction blocks, and many others.

Can any blood test be useful in diagnosing a heart attack?

Several blood tests are used by cardiologists to determine the state of a patient's heart


As mentioned earlier Troponins are elevated in the immediate phase of a heart attack. This can be measured by means of a blood test.


A special protein CK-MB is also often elevated in patients with heart attack


Electrolyte abnormalities can cause a heart attack in susceptible patients, and are usually advised in these patients.

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