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Liver Test Report Explanation

This guide helps you to understand your liver function test report
Updated Date : 2023-01-12T04:27:01.666Z

Which tests are commonly included in the Liver Function Tests?

Liver profiles commonly include 4 major groups of enzymes. These are : Transaminases (SGOT + SGPT), Bilirubins(Total and Direct), Synthetic Proteins(Albumin) and Alkaline Phosphatase

What are bilirubins, why are they increased?

Bilirubins are produced when your Red blood cells are broken down. Red Blood Cells usually live for 120 days.

Increased Bilirubin

Causes include bile duct/gall bladder problems, hepatitis infections, and hemoglobin abnormalities

What are transaminases and why are they increased?

Transaminases are called AST/ALT or SGOT/SGPT. They are usually elevated in cases of hepatitis infections, copper and iron storage disorders, and excessive alcohol intake

Inceased by how much?

Commonly doctors will only give importance to elevations that are at least 2-5 times above normal. The normal range is usually around 45 IU/L. So you only need to be concered if your transaminases are around 200 or more.

What is Alkaline Phosphatase and why is it increased?

This marker is not specific for the liver. It is usually increased in diseases of gall bladder or bile obstruction. It may also be increased in bone cancers or prostate cancers.

What are synthetic proteins?

The liver creates most of the proteins in the body and albumin is the largest one. If the albumin level in the blood reduces, it means the liver is not funcitoning properly.


If transaminases are very high and bilirubin is not so high it usually points to a cause inside the liver. If it is opposite, it usually points to a problem of the bile ducts or gall bladder. If both are high, it is called a mixed disease

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