How to know if I have thyroid problems?

Increased weight, feeling sleepy, anxiety and panic attacks, sweating, dry skin are some of the common signs of a thyroid problem
Low Thyroid Levels

Insufficient thyroid hormone is called hypothyroidism

A simple TSH test is the best test to check your thyroid status. Normal level of TSH is between 0.4 - 4.2 ug/dl
Free Thyroxine level is also very useful in diagnosing thyroid problems.
Feeling continously tired

Tiredness, and lethargy is a very common sign of low thyroid hormone levels.

Weight Gain

Recent gain of weight is another common sign of low thyroid levels

Testing your Serum HDL Cholesterol is a good first line investigation for hypothyroidism
Constipation and Dry Skin

Dry skin and difficulty passing motions is another sign of low thyroid hormone levels

Which medicine to take?

Thyroxine supplementation may help to improve your condition, but does not always work. The most important thing is to rule out the cause of the hypothyroidism.

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